Early Success

For more than 30 years, Integral Care has worked to address the intersection of homelessness and behavioral health issues. We provide permanent supportive housing to approximately 400 people, in 200 housing units that we own and another 200 secured from landlords across the community. We engage people in services, place them in housing, and offer rehabilitation supports to move them from chronic homelessness to recovery and housing stability. Meet some of the people who’ve already benefited from Integral Care’s housing program.


Marvin lost his mother when he was three. He was raised by his grandmother until her death when Marvin was fifteen. By early adulthood, Marvin found himself sleeping on park benches and struggling with mental health issues. After many years of living on the streets, he got into a program that helped him find his own apartment – and a new life.


Living on the streets, Jennifer struggled to maintain her mental health and cycled in and out of local psychiatric hospitals. Due to her constant moving around, she had a strained relationship with her daughters. Having a stable home has helped Jennifer reestablish her relationship with her children.


Christina was displaced in Austin after Hurricane Katrina. She lost her FEMA housing due to her struggles with mental health issues and addiction. After many years of living in her van, shelters, and on the streets, she got into a program that gave her housing and a fresh start. Today, Christina is working on getting her high school diploma and has a new outlook on life – one with sobriety and stability.