Newsletter – April 2016

April 2016
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We’re very excited to launch our monthly newsletter to keep you informed about the progress of Housing First Oak Springs, Austin’s only apartment community for the chronically homeless, opening in 2017.

Housing First Oak Springs is more than four walls. It’s a whole health treatment approach to ending chronic homelessness for people living with mental illness and/or substance use disorder.

Why Housing First Oak Springs? 

"Homeless individuals are people like you and me. They’re our sisters, our brothers, our moms, our dads and they need our help to achieve recovery."
— Darilynn Cardona-Beiler, Associate Director for Adult Behavioral Health Services, Integral Care

Recovery from mental illness and substance use is near impossible when you’re worried about where you’ll sleep and get food for the night. The Housing First model is simple: provide housing first, and then combine that housing with supportive treatment services for mental and physical health, substance use.

Housing First Is Changing Lives

Marvin lived on the streets and was in and out of jail and shelters since he was a teen. Learn about his journey from being homeless to being housed:

Housing First Oak Springs is our community’s response to ending the shelter-emergency room-jail cycle in which our homeless population is stuck. Oak Springs will house chronically homeless individuals in 50 single-occupancy apartment homes and provide its residents with stable housing, health care, rehabilitation and supportive employment.
How Austin Benefits

Housing First Oak Springs will save the city of Austin an annual minimum of $20,000 per resident by reducing shelter usage, hospital stays, emergency room visits and nights spent in jail. The minimum potential savings in reduced public costs would save the community $1 million a year and increase our outreach to homeless individuals. Check out the impact of housing 50 people:

Make Housing First Oak Springs A Reality              

Thanks to the Downtown Austin Alliance’s generous $150,000 matching funds pledge, the impact of your gift is worth twice as much. Double your donation today!
Meet The Team

The Housing First teams provide care, support and crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The mobile, multi-disciplinary staff tailors services to meet each person’s unique needs and provides them wherever the person lives – on the streets, in a shelter or in permanent supportive housing. We will spotlight a staff member each month and share their insight. Read what Darilynn has to say about the importance of Housing First Oak Springs.

Darilynn Cardona-Beiler is the Associate Director for Adult Behavior Health Services at Integral Care

"I strongly believe that having safe and stable housing is one of the most important social determinants of health. For many of us, a shower, a bathroom and a comfortable place to live is nothing but ordinary. At times of stress or sadness, we long to be home. Home provides hope for a renewed sense of self. For those who are chronically homeless, they either stand in line or go without. Our mission, Healthy Living for Everyone inspires me and guides what I do. Supporting our mission and our teams by providing opportunities for people to have healthy lives is what I find the most rewarding. I feel privileged to walk alongside someone who has allowed us to be part of their journey and to know that we were able to help them achieve recovery."

Housing First Oak Springs on TV 

"Austin’s homeless population continues to grow. FOX 7 spoke with a local agency that says affordable housing is the solution to supporting these individuals and getting them back on their feet." Check out the full story here.


See how our teams work with people experiencing chronic homelessness, mental illness or substance use. Join us as we support them in their journey to stable, safe and permanent housing. Tours happen every Wednesday at 9 AM. Interested parties must RSVP.
To RSVP or ask questions contact Jodie Eldridge at
We hope that you are as energized as we are about Housing First Oak Springs, and will join us in being a part of this innovative the solution.

Ellen Richards
Chief Strategy Officer
Austin Travis County Integral Care
Housing First Oak Springs is a project of Austin Travis County Integral Care