Newsletter – August 2017

August 2017
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Having a safe place to live can directly impact mental, emotional and physical health. Roosevelt’s story is one example of how housing can build health and well-being and help weather life’s storms. Integral Care’s housing programs and team of experts help connect adults experiencing homelessness to affordable, stable housing and healthcare services to support recovery.

Because Roosevelt had a place to live, he was able to develop important routines that supported his medical conditions. Routines like leaving notes around the house became a way for Roosevelt to remember to go to his appointments with his mental healthcare providers to improve his emotional health. Integral Care also connected Roosevelt with a program that matches people with animal companions as a way to support his mental and physical health. Connecting Roosevelt to housing laid a foundation for his improved health.
Integral Care is helping build the well-being of our entire community. We make important building blocks available to our homeless community such as mental health care and permanent supportive housing like Housing First Oak Springs.
We’re asking everyone in our community to get involved and donate to help people reach their full potential. Make a donation today!



Meet the Staff: David West



We recently met with David West to learn more about his work at Integral Care’s E. 2nd Street Clinic, where he is Practice Manager.
What is your role at Integral Care?
I am the Practice Manager of our E. 2nd Street Clinic. At this location, we have about six teams of providers working to meet the needs of our clients. Each of those teams has a program manager. Together, we navigate concerns and advocate for resources and support to best meet the needs of our clients and our staff. I view my job as working for them. It’s really about providing direction and support.”


What other roles have you had?
“I’ve been in my current  role for three years. I came to the agency in October of 2010. I was originally a social worker on the ACT Team, which is a community-based behavioral health treatment team. I loved that team – the work is kind of a lifestyle. There’s such a sense of dedication to the client population and also to the team, which was unbelievably rewarding due to the shared experience. With a shared caseload, everyone on the team worked with all of our clients, so there was a shared perspective and this kind of  joy to the work. I went on to manage the ACT Team for about two years before transitioning over to the clinic.”



Shout Out



Integral Care recently received a $10,000 Expanding Access to Housing Opportunities grant from Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund – General Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee. Funding will go towards our Housing Unit Support Fund, which helps create and maintain relationships with landlords and property managers. Our team works to identify new, affordable housing units for our clients who have been diagnosed with substance use disorder and mental illness.


Integral Care’s housing team works with individuals to ensure they have access to housing to regain health and independence, drug and alcohol treatment to help with recovery, counseling and case management to support emotional health and much more. Housing First revitalizes the connections our society needs to build solid foundations for all members of our community to thrive.




Housing First in the News





Housing First is being adopted by cities near and far.

Regina, Saskatchewan’s Housing First program celebrates 1 year of success in helping people rebuild their lives. Read more about how the housing model has been successful for our neighbors in Canada.


In the UK, a new Housing First project for 8 individuals has just launched in Stafford. “At the core of the Housing First model is the principle that by securing stable accommodation, complex needs can be addressed in a more structured and sustainable way.”




Oak Creek Village Apartments – Call for Volunteers




Integral Care is excited to announce a partnership with the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide onsite support and community building for the residents at the Oak Creek Village Apartments. Approximately half of these residents are veterans. This will give us the opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with the VA system as we look toward a partnership with them at Housing First Oak Springs. 
We are currently seeking volunteers to coordinate activities at Oak Creek Village. Opportunities include: bingo, arts and crafts, story time, mentoring, tutoring and spearheading a new garden. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and spend time with your family, friends or co-workers. 
To learn more or sign up to volunteer, please contact Christine Laguna at
We know that housing is more than four walls – it’s the basic foundation for mental health and well-being. I invite you to be a part of the solution at


Ellen Richards
Chief Strategy Officer
Integral Care
Housing First Oak Springs is a project of Integral Care